Southern Arizona Lutheran Via de Cristo

VIA de CRISTO is based on the fundamentals of Christianity, concentrating on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. The focus is not on VIA de CRISTO itself, but on the local church. The objective of the movement is to inspire, challenge and equip local church members for Christian action in their homes, churches and communities.

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Tirosh is patterned after the adult Via de Cristo movement. Tirosh is the name chosen for the Teen Movement because it symbolizes God's grace and blessings in a new life in Jesus Christ.

Tirosh is a retreat experience.  It is three days, unlike any other, designed for teens.  During the three days of learning, sharing and Christian growth, teens learn what it really means to be a Christian. They experience the joy of building and being part of a genuine Christian community with their peers and adults.

The content of the three days focuses on God's grace, how to experience Jesus Christ as Friend, Savior and Lord, and how to respond to Christ's call to discipleship.

Upcoming Fund Raisers

  • Shower Trailer!
    VdC and Tirosh are working towards construction of a shower trailer.  See the PDF below for a list of items needed for this project.
    Shower Trailer